Karina Nøkleby Presttun | I am Shell I am Bone (2023)
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I am Shell I am Bone (2023)

The title is borrowed from the song by Gazelle Twin.


Degree project, Konstfack.



For my degree project, I’ve been exploring how to sculpt with rope made of second-hand fabrics. What started as a manual, meditative process of making twine and sewing small objects by hand, has escalated into making thick textile yarn containing four different strands with the help of a drill.


A small, ornamental shape has grown into a larger body supported by copper wire stripped from old electric cables. I work on instinct, letting the material guide me, and initially, the beast-like character was as unknown to me as the viewer. Where does it come from? What does it want? Parts of the object seem to have their own agenda, spreading and building small stories of their own.


By using waste materials, I want to remind the viewer that our perception of value is not cast in concrete and can be shifted, for example, towards ingenuity and craftsmanship.